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Your Natural Federation

Bodybuilding Competition

YNF takes natural bodybuilding to the next level by promoting natural bodybuilding, which involves building muscle and a toned physique without using performance-enhancing drugs.

YNF events include categories such as fitness modelling and athletic performance, showcasing natural bodybuilders’ versatility and athleticism.

One of the core values of YNF is transparency and honesty. YNF is helping to redefine the standard of excellence in the bodybuilding community.

How to Compete

To compete in a YNF competition, you first have to join and become a member. Next, register for the competition and then select the categories you want to compete in.

Step 1

Become a Member

Step 2

Register for a show

Complete step 1
to unlock

Step 3

Select your Category

Complete step 2
to unlock

Competition Categories

YNF has a range of women’s, men’s and mixed categories to compete in. Registered participants can enter into divisions.


poster ad for YNF Season B - October 2024

Just Announced! YNF Season B, Perth on the 12th October, 2024

Your Natural Federation SEASON B will be on 12th October 2024 at the RNDM Performance Arts Center, Perth. ...

YNF Season B Announcement Coming Soon!

We’re getting all the ducks lined up for a massive Season B in Perth. Stand by for the ...

Running Order – Season A In Perth – 25th, May 2024

Just announced! YNF Season A, Perth on the 25 May, 2024

Your Natural Federation SEASON A will be on 25th October 2024 at the RNDM Performance Arts Center, Perth. ...

Meet the YNF Elite Athletes

Meet YNF Elite Athlete, Walter Ikealumba

(Coming soon)
YNF Elite Athlete - Mark Anthony

Meet YNF Elite Athlete, Mark Anthony

(Coming soon)
YNF Bodybuilding Elite - Jamie Allan

Meet YNF Elite Athlete, Jamie Allan

(Coming soon)
YNF Elite Athlete - Jennifer Rollin-Busby

Meet YNF Elite Athlete, Jennifer Rollin-Busby

“I grew up with the most incredible influence, my Dad, who had a multitude of muscle mags and ...

Advice on Bodybuilding and Competing

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