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Before registering to compete in a show, please join and become a YNF Member first, then register for either Season A or B in the state/s you want to compete in.

Body Transformation

This category is for competitors who have transformed both their physique (not just with a comp prep) and their lifestyle. They may like the opportunity to step on stage and show their achievements and inspire others. This could be a stepping stone for these competitors to compete in another category further down the track or they may feel they are also ready now and are competitive enough to compete against other athletes in another category of their choice.

Required Attire
  • Female competitors may wear sportwear consisting of booty shorts/shorts and a crop top of choice or competition bikini. Sport shoes or competition heels.
  • Male competitors may wear bodybuilding trunks, sports shorts or board shorts. Barefoot.
Individual Posing
  • Competitors will perform an individual I walk when entering the stage consisting of 1 pose at the back centre of the stage, then walk forward to the front line and perform the front pose and proceed to the MC for a short chat.
Group Line Posing
  • Competitors will perform a group line of ¼ turns to the right
Judging Criteria
  • Competitors will be judged on the aspect of their personal journey.

$88.00 inc GST

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