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Before registering to compete in a show, please join and become a YNF Member first, then register for either Season A or B in the state/s you want to compete in.

Fitness Athlete

A fitness athlete should have a well balanced athletic physique; with a nice V taper and good symmetry.

They should present themselves in an elegant and stylish manner and poise on stage.

Important: fitness athletes can not cross over into the Sport category. Competitors competing in age divisions can only be eligible in ONE division closest to their age.
Required Attire
  • Two-piece competition bikini
  • Clear stage heels and jewellery of competitor’s choice
Individual Posing
  • Competitors will perform an individual I walk when entering the stage consisting of 1 pose at the back centre of the stage, then walk forward to the front line and perform front and side pose.
Group Line Posing
  • Competitors will perform a group line of ¼ turns to the right and will be required to walk to the back of the stage and perform a back pose.
Judging Criteria
  • Lean & good symmetry
  • More muscular development than bikini athlete
  • Capped shoulders & back definition
  • Good abdominals & midsection
  • Good glutes
  • Separation through legs
  • Good stage presence

$88.00 inc GST

To compete in more than one Division you will need to add each one separately.

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