YNF Elite Athletes

A competitor who’s physique and stage presence display the ultimate standard in their category.

YNF Elite Athlete - Jennifer Rollin-Busby

Female Figure

Jennifer Rollin-Busby

YNF Bodybuilding Elite - Halil Alusoski


Halil Alusoski

YNF Bodybuilding Elite - Luke Goodman

Male Physique

Luke Goodman

ELITE ATHLETE - Paolo Iudiciani


Paolo Iudiciani

ELITE ATHLETE - Adrian Morosan

Male Physique

Adrian Morosan

ELITE ATHLET - Davinia Laughton

Fitness Athlete

Davinia Laughton

ELITE ATHLETE - James Duncan


James Duncan


Male Physique

Anesu Dumba

Walter Ikealumba

YNF Elite Athlete - Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony

Will you be the next YNF Elite Athlete?

What Is An YNF Elite Athlete?

An Elite Athlete is a competitor who the judges consider to be of the highest level as an athlete. A competitor whose physique and stage presence display the ultimate standard in their category.

How Do You Become An Elite Athlete?

A competitor who wins the overall title in their category is eligible to become an Elite Athlete. It is under the judge’s discretion on deciding if the athlete meets the requirements of becoming an Elite Athlete.

If the judges believe there is another athlete within the same category who deserves the title of Elite Athlete, they too can also be presented with an elite award.

What Benefits Do You Get From Becoming An Elite Athlete?

A YNF Elite Athlete receives many benefits. They will receive free YNF attire and products. Social media exposure. Discounts and special offers from our sponsors. They will also be featured on our website as an Elite Athletes.

What We Would Like From Our Elite Athletes?

We would encourage our Elite Athletes to wear our merchandise and promote YNF on social media. We would love them to be part of the YNF team on comp day, by inspiring competitors throughout the day, and attend any YNF functions if they are available.

Can An Elite Athlete Compete In A State Title Show?

An Elite Athlete CAN compete in a state show and attempt to defend their title. Our future plan is to have elite categories within a state title.