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Before registering to compete in a show, please join and become a YNF Member first, then register for either Season A or B in the state/s you want to compete in.

Classic Physique

A classic physique competitor should have an aesthetically pleasing physique with an excellent shoulder-to-waist ratio.

Good conditioning and separation of the muscles. They should obtain a good knowledge of classic style posing.

Not have as much muscular maturity as a bodybuilder.

Important: Classic Physique athletes cannot crossover into bodybuilding. Competitors competing in age divisions can only be eligible in ONE division closest to their age.
Send us music for your 60 seconds posing routine to, 2 weeks before the show and bring a USB as backup.
Required Attire
  • YNF classic physique trunks to be worn (supplied by YNF, included in the cost).
Individual Posing
  • Competitors will perform an individual I walk when entering the stage consisting of 1 pose at the back centre of the stage, then walk forward to the front line and perform 2 poses of their choice
Group Line Posing

Competitors will perform a group line of ¼ turns to the right and 6 compulsory poses

  1. Side Chest (any side)
  2. Side tricep (any side)
  3. Front double bicep
  4. Back double bicep
  5. Abdominals & thighs
  6. Favourite classic pose

Posedown is performed after compulsory poses are completed. This is about having fun and enjoying your time on stage.

OPTIONAL routine consisting of 60 seconds.

A trophy will be awarded to the best male classic routine of the show.

Judging Criteria
  • Aesthetically pleasing physique
  • Good symmetry, muscularity & definition
  • Good shoulder to waist ratio
  • Classic style posing

$88.00 inc GST

To compete in more than one Division you will need to add each one separately.

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