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Bikini Athlete

A bikini athlete should have a toned beach body and present themselves in an elegant and stylish manner and poise on stage.

Competitors competing in age divisions can only be eligible in ONE division closest to their age.
Required Attire
  • Two-piece competition bikini
  • Clear stage heels and jewellery of competitor’s choice
Individual Posing
  • Competitors will perform an individual I walk when entering the stage consisting of 1 pose at the back centre of the stage, then walk forward to the front line and perform front pose and side pose.
Group Line Posing
  • Competitors will perform a group line of ¼ turns to the right and will be required to walk to the back of the stage and perform a back pose
  • Official back pose required – hands on top of thighs and do not move hair
Judging Criteria
  • Shapely and toned body
  • Good symmetry
  • No separation in the muscle
  • Toned midsection/no hard abdominals
  • Good glutes
  • Beach body
  • Good stage presence

$80.00$88.00 inc GST

To compete in more than one Division you will need to add each one separately.

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