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Before registering to compete in a show, please join and become a YNF Member first, then register for either Season A or B in the state/s you want to compete in.

Male Sports Athlete

Male sports athletes should have an athletic-looking physique with nice symmetry.

A good abdominal midsection and a nice v taper, showing a well-balanced body.

Not as full muscle bellies as a physique competitor.

Competitors competing in age divisions can only be eligible in ONE division closest to their age.
Required Attire
  • Competitors must wear the sportswear provided by YNF Australia, consisting of square-cut shorts
  • Barefoot
Individual Posing
  • Competitors will perform an individual I walk when entering the stage consisting of 1 pose at the back centre of the stage, then walk forward to the front line and perform 2 poses of their choice.
Group Line Posing
  • Competitors will perform a group line of ¼ turns to the right
Judging Criteria
  • Athletic looking physique
  • Overall muscle tone and visible abdominal midsection
  • Conditioning and lean
  • Good symmetry
  • Smaller muscle bellies than physique competitors (extreme muscular size for this category will be marked down)

$88.00 inc GST

To compete in more than one Division you will need to add each one separately.

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